Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last sonogram of Baby Tatum

We had Baby Tatum's last sonogram today. Everything looked great, according to the doctor she is going to be smaller than Talyn. She is currently 5lbs 13oz, babies at this point grow half a pound a week, so by the time we have her on May 12th, she will be right at about 7lbs which is smaller than Talyn's 8lb 3oz at birth. Dr. Westerholme said she is doing her practice breathing to prepare her for life outside of the womb and that she will be plenty ready for us to take her in two and a half weeks. Wow, writing that down seems unreal, only two and a half more weeks. Yeah!!! Talyn came to the appointment with us and loooooooved seeing the pictures of Baby Sister. When the sonogram was over, he wanted to see more of baby sister. He got his own sonogram pic saying I love Big Brother for him to take to school and show his friends. She was being shy just like last sonogram and we had a hard time getting any good face pictures. Her head was really burried down low making it hard for a good picture. We did get an awesome picture of her legs crossed and we could see both feet. If I can get to a scanner I will scan and post it tomorrow. Todd said he was happy with his Little Lady not wanting to show off. I think daddy will be a little over protective of his little girl.

The picture is of me at 35 and a half weeks, notice I finally got a haircut.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Less then a month away.

We are all getting anxious and ready for May 12th. Todd is planning on taking off two weeks when Tatum is born then will only have two weeks of school leftafter that. We are excited about this summer as we welcome Baby Tatum and help Talyn get use to having a little sister. Today there was a baby girl on TV and Talyn started asking about Baby Sister. I told him that he would get to meet her soon. He seems excited and is now saying that he is ready for baby sister to be living with us. He knows she is still growing in mommy's tummy right now. The other day, my cousin's baby was over here and Talyn was so good about helping out with him and even was entertaining him as we were eating lunch. I know he will be a wonderful big brother but I also know it will take some adjusting for him. Please pray that he will know how special he is and how much he is loved and will not be too upset as we welcome Baby Tatum home. The picture above is at mom and dad's house during Easter.