Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009 and finally an update on the kids

Ok, I must apologize since I have not updated this blog since Tatum was 2 months. Things have been very, very busy with work and having a baby and 3 year old when I get home. Also, Todd has been busy with basketball games and football games before that. So much has changed in the last 5 and a half months. Our little girl is growing so fast and happily is over her colic. She is an active baby, very different from our laid back first child. Talyn was always content watching tv or sitting for hours doing his puzzles or coloring. Tatum, however is always more active. She is sitting up well but usually prefers to be laying down so she can move. She is not yet crawling but has learned how to get around by rolling all of the room or scooting on her back. She loves playing with her toys, she got a ton for Christmas.

More recently she has starting "talking" or at least putting more sounds together. Todd taught her how to say ball, she pronounces "ba". She kinda gets the meaning, but really says it to any of her toys, not just to balls. She learned her mmm sounds and finally put together momma which sounds more like "mmmmm-ma". She has learned that specifically is related to me which I just love hearing her say it. Except usually when she says it she is whining and saying it because I am leaving the room and she has separation anxiety very bad. I am proud that she loves me but it is hard when she doesn't want to go to other loved ones because of it.

Now I have to brag a little on our Talyn. He is very particular about everything but I believe that will make him a great student some day. He loves puzzles and just put together a 100 piece puzzle in about 30 minutes yesterday, better than his mommy. He is also very tactile, he can draw and color very good for his age. The nursery teachers said they have never seen anyone his age draw and color as well as he does. He draws with a lot of detail for a 3 year old. He does not get the drawing or coloring ability from me. He also loves trains and will build these big train tracks that takes a while because it has to be just right according to Talyn.
Christmas was wonderful this year, as always we spent most of our break away from home, visiting grandparents. Christmas this year was at Todd's parents and we spent 5 nights there, it was great because his brother and his family was there who we only see twice a year. We then came back through and spent a few days with my parents and exchanged gifts with my family. We have enjoyed our Christmas break but it goes way to fast, just as our children are growing way too fast.