Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tatum is 1

Like alway, I am way late posting Tatum's first birthday which was May 12th. We had a small party with familiy and close friends. It was perfect, Tatum got to be the center of attention which she LOVES!! She will be 15 months August 12th and is so much fun. She started walking right around her first birthday and has not stopped. She is a very busy girl always on the go and trying to climb on everything. She thinks she is as big as Talyn who is 4. Yes, this is hard on Mommy because I want my little girl to stay a baby a little longer and I'm also having to follow her everywhere because there is no telling what she will get into. She is a lot of fun, always making us laugh but is also very stubborn. She, like most babies of the family, already knows how to get her way. She can have quite the temper if she doesn't get what she wants. I blame Todd for her temper but that is ok I would not change either of them. We are so blessed and have had a wonderful summer. My next post will be a capture of our amazing summer we've had together. Enjoy the pictures from her first birthday, the one with the cake all over her face is my favorite.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Talyn's 4 year birthday and t-ball

I can not believe how big my Talyn is getting, we just had his 4 year birthday party. It was a great party, it was a dinosaur theme. We had lots of kids over at the house and they wore dino masks, hunted dino eggs and dug for dinosaurs in the sand. We then came in for cake and ice cream and made a volcano erupt while they were having dessert. The kids then did a dance to the dino stomp song. They seemed to have a blast and Talyn loved it!

The weekend before his birthday he had to get his left kidney removed since it was multi-cystic when he was born. He did such a great job and was so brave, he did much better then his mommy. We stayed a night in the hospital and that night was pretty tough because he was hurting quite a bit but a few days later I was having to tell him to quit jumping around.

We also started t-ball recently, I think Todd and I enjoy this more then Talyn. He would rather play with the flowers and bugs but that's ok. He is just too cute out there.

My Talyn is such a sweet and caring boy and is so good with his baby sister although a little bossy at times. I think he is going to be an artist, he seriously can draw better then me. He still loves puzzles and trains and of course playing with his cars and dinosaurs.

This blog is all about Talyn, we are having Tatum's one year birthday this weekend so I will have a blog all about her next!!