Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009 and finally an update on the kids

Ok, I must apologize since I have not updated this blog since Tatum was 2 months. Things have been very, very busy with work and having a baby and 3 year old when I get home. Also, Todd has been busy with basketball games and football games before that. So much has changed in the last 5 and a half months. Our little girl is growing so fast and happily is over her colic. She is an active baby, very different from our laid back first child. Talyn was always content watching tv or sitting for hours doing his puzzles or coloring. Tatum, however is always more active. She is sitting up well but usually prefers to be laying down so she can move. She is not yet crawling but has learned how to get around by rolling all of the room or scooting on her back. She loves playing with her toys, she got a ton for Christmas.

More recently she has starting "talking" or at least putting more sounds together. Todd taught her how to say ball, she pronounces "ba". She kinda gets the meaning, but really says it to any of her toys, not just to balls. She learned her mmm sounds and finally put together momma which sounds more like "mmmmm-ma". She has learned that specifically is related to me which I just love hearing her say it. Except usually when she says it she is whining and saying it because I am leaving the room and she has separation anxiety very bad. I am proud that she loves me but it is hard when she doesn't want to go to other loved ones because of it.

Now I have to brag a little on our Talyn. He is very particular about everything but I believe that will make him a great student some day. He loves puzzles and just put together a 100 piece puzzle in about 30 minutes yesterday, better than his mommy. He is also very tactile, he can draw and color very good for his age. The nursery teachers said they have never seen anyone his age draw and color as well as he does. He draws with a lot of detail for a 3 year old. He does not get the drawing or coloring ability from me. He also loves trains and will build these big train tracks that takes a while because it has to be just right according to Talyn.
Christmas was wonderful this year, as always we spent most of our break away from home, visiting grandparents. Christmas this year was at Todd's parents and we spent 5 nights there, it was great because his brother and his family was there who we only see twice a year. We then came back through and spent a few days with my parents and exchanged gifts with my family. We have enjoyed our Christmas break but it goes way to fast, just as our children are growing way too fast.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tatum is now 2 months old!!

We just took Tatum to her two month appointment. She is now 11lb, 2.5 oz which is in the 60th percentile. Her height at 22 and 3/4 in was at the 80th percentile. She had to get several shots which was no fun for all of us but we know the vaccinations are necessary. He also gave her a prevacid prescription for the reflux. Based on her symptoms and fussiness Dr. Joki believes Tatum has reflux AND infant colic. Poor girl has been really fussy in the last 4 weeks or so, screaming with a red face and real tears. However since starting on the prevacid three days ago we have seen a remarkable improvement although she has been fussy this morning. She still has poor sleeping habits, waking up easily from naps and not sleeping well at night yet.
The good news is that she is developing well and from his evaluation is doing great other then the colic and reflux. When she is not hurting she smiles all the time in response to other people smiling at her. She is very active, always moving arms and legs and looking around the room constantly. Tatum loves listening and watching her big brother Talyn play. Todd and Talyn told me she actually laughed out loud at them yesterday morning while I was taking my nap, I am sad I missed it. For those of you wondering I still have not sent out the baby announcement, I hope to have them out in the next week or so.

4th of July and trips to see family

The four of us went on our first long trip as a family of four. We left on Saturday morning the 4th to go to Hawley then went to Amarillo and Lubbock, returning back home on Sunday the 12th. While in Hawley on the July 4th, mom had most of her side of the family over and some met Tatum for the first time. We had a lot of fun, playing volleyball and other outside games. Talyn loved the water slide that Papaw had set up for the boys (check out the picture above). We stayed a few more days visiting with my mom and dad before heading to Amarillo. On our way to Amarillo we stopped in Lubbock to see some friends at our old church and took Tatum to meet the Culpeppers. The Culpepper twins are so adorable and we enjoyed seeing them and Emily, sorry Tim had to work. We made our way to Amarillo and really enjoyed our visit with Todd's parents. Uncle Scott also met us there and bonded with Talyn and Tatum. We were fortunate that some of Todd's cousins and aunt and uncle Bob and Connie were able to come and visit. On Saturday, Todd's Great-Aunt Ruby turned 90 so we went to her party in Lubbock. It was wonderful being in Lubbock again and seeing the Schoenig family. Before we left we also got to see the Holloways. Hunter, now one and a half is saying many words and is the friendliest kid. We hated leaving Amarillo the next day but was ready to be back home after 9 days. The trip home was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be considering we have a 3 year old and a 2 month old. Talyn did great as normal and Tatum slept most of the time, just cried when she woke up hungry.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tatum is already 4 weeks old!

The first 4 weeks have flown by! She still sleeps alot, just not for long periods of time, at night we have had a few 4 hour streches but usually it is 2-3 hours between feedings. Tatum really likes watching Talyn, daddy and mommy's faces. She also likes the fish mobile on her swing. She also enjoys laying on a blanket so she can kick and move her arms. Most of our time is spent at home playing with Talyn and Tatum when she is awake. This is Todd's first week off for the summer. We plan to go visit granparents some next month but this month will be spent at home, relaxing. We do welcome visitors please. Talyn is very very good with his sister, he will try to sooth her when she cries. He has gotten a little jealous of her, there have been times when I am feeding her that he wants me to hold him but he has already gotten use to that and not getting too jealous any more.

We are starting to hear some new sounds from baby sister, such as ahhh when she is happy. We see her smile a lot in her sleep although she has looked at me and smiled twice now. I am sure it is still unvoluntary, but I do think it is because she is comfy in momma's arms. She has had a few little laughs in her sleep which is so fun to hear. Tatum will grab onto my shirt when I am feeding her and has even appeared to try to grab at something in front of her.

Poor little girl grunts a lot when she has to go poop, which is strange since her stools are so loose. She also has had a few fussy times right before spitting up, vomiting a little bit. I am praying that she does not have reflux issues like Talyn did.

I am posting a few pics take a few weeks ago and some recent ones from my phone. We are really upset that our $650 Canon camera quit working. We thought it was the battery but that was not the case. Anyway we had to send it off to the company so i don't have any good recent pics taken from the good camera.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tatum and Talyn

Talyn is very good with his new sister Tatum. We are very blessed to have both of them in our lives.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tatum Jean Neelley

Tatum was born on May 12, 2009 at 11:05 am. She weighs 6 pounds 12 oz. We don't know the height yet. Mom and Baby are doing great. She looks a lot like Talyn did. Talyn was excited to see her.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last sonogram of Baby Tatum

We had Baby Tatum's last sonogram today. Everything looked great, according to the doctor she is going to be smaller than Talyn. She is currently 5lbs 13oz, babies at this point grow half a pound a week, so by the time we have her on May 12th, she will be right at about 7lbs which is smaller than Talyn's 8lb 3oz at birth. Dr. Westerholme said she is doing her practice breathing to prepare her for life outside of the womb and that she will be plenty ready for us to take her in two and a half weeks. Wow, writing that down seems unreal, only two and a half more weeks. Yeah!!! Talyn came to the appointment with us and loooooooved seeing the pictures of Baby Sister. When the sonogram was over, he wanted to see more of baby sister. He got his own sonogram pic saying I love Big Brother for him to take to school and show his friends. She was being shy just like last sonogram and we had a hard time getting any good face pictures. Her head was really burried down low making it hard for a good picture. We did get an awesome picture of her legs crossed and we could see both feet. If I can get to a scanner I will scan and post it tomorrow. Todd said he was happy with his Little Lady not wanting to show off. I think daddy will be a little over protective of his little girl.

The picture is of me at 35 and a half weeks, notice I finally got a haircut.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Less then a month away.

We are all getting anxious and ready for May 12th. Todd is planning on taking off two weeks when Tatum is born then will only have two weeks of school leftafter that. We are excited about this summer as we welcome Baby Tatum and help Talyn get use to having a little sister. Today there was a baby girl on TV and Talyn started asking about Baby Sister. I told him that he would get to meet her soon. He seems excited and is now saying that he is ready for baby sister to be living with us. He knows she is still growing in mommy's tummy right now. The other day, my cousin's baby was over here and Talyn was so good about helping out with him and even was entertaining him as we were eating lunch. I know he will be a wonderful big brother but I also know it will take some adjusting for him. Please pray that he will know how special he is and how much he is loved and will not be too upset as we welcome Baby Tatum home. The picture above is at mom and dad's house during Easter.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Tatum's nursery

talyn 3 year bday

Talyn is 3 now and about to be a big brother

Talyn just had his 3 year birthday, I can not believe he is getting big so fast. He had a Bob the Builder birthday party, he loves construction and tractors. He is getting a lot more independent and becoming a big boy so we are hoping he will adapt to being a big brother. He will have a little sister soon, sometimes he gets excited about baby sister and other times seems like he is not very interested in her being out of mommy's belly yet. My doctor has scheduled her C-section for May 12th. Since we had to have a c-section with Talyn, we have decided to go ahead and schedule one for baby girl. Her name is Tatum Jean. Her middle name comes from my side of the family; me, my dad and grandmother I called Nanny all have the middle name Jean. My Nanny died almost 7 years ago and is missed very much. I am so proud to have Tatum named after her as well.