Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tatum is already 4 weeks old!

The first 4 weeks have flown by! She still sleeps alot, just not for long periods of time, at night we have had a few 4 hour streches but usually it is 2-3 hours between feedings. Tatum really likes watching Talyn, daddy and mommy's faces. She also likes the fish mobile on her swing. She also enjoys laying on a blanket so she can kick and move her arms. Most of our time is spent at home playing with Talyn and Tatum when she is awake. This is Todd's first week off for the summer. We plan to go visit granparents some next month but this month will be spent at home, relaxing. We do welcome visitors please. Talyn is very very good with his sister, he will try to sooth her when she cries. He has gotten a little jealous of her, there have been times when I am feeding her that he wants me to hold him but he has already gotten use to that and not getting too jealous any more.

We are starting to hear some new sounds from baby sister, such as ahhh when she is happy. We see her smile a lot in her sleep although she has looked at me and smiled twice now. I am sure it is still unvoluntary, but I do think it is because she is comfy in momma's arms. She has had a few little laughs in her sleep which is so fun to hear. Tatum will grab onto my shirt when I am feeding her and has even appeared to try to grab at something in front of her.

Poor little girl grunts a lot when she has to go poop, which is strange since her stools are so loose. She also has had a few fussy times right before spitting up, vomiting a little bit. I am praying that she does not have reflux issues like Talyn did.

I am posting a few pics take a few weeks ago and some recent ones from my phone. We are really upset that our $650 Canon camera quit working. We thought it was the battery but that was not the case. Anyway we had to send it off to the company so i don't have any good recent pics taken from the good camera.

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